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Collagen Casing
Collagen casing are made from high quality and fresh natural bovine skins to keep our clients get the best products!
With the advantage of Natural Look, Caliber Consistency, Extra Crisp and Tender Bite, Excellent Frying Performance, Nice Smoking Results, Equal Thickness and Direct Edible, it can be used at kinds of sausages manufacturers both by machinery and handmade.

Products range at a wide range of sausages including fresh, cooked, roasted and dry style.




Glycerin: 13%

Cellulose: 5%

Alimentary oil: 2%


Fresh Meat Sausage, Fry Sausage, Breakfast Sausage, etc.

Ready-to-use casing:
Not soak before stuffing.
Work surfaces (tables and filling tubes, etc.) in contact with casing should always be clean and dry.
Do not overfill is recommended. Do not exceed 1mm overnominal caliber.
The cooking temperature should not exceed 80℃
Handle without deforming the stick and keeping casing moisture.

Customer required is available.
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